Privacy Policy

Descente Ltd., as a business operator that handles personal information, acknowledges the importance of individual rights and interests with respect to personal information and endeavors to protect personal information by establishing the following Privacy Policy (hereinafter the "Policy"). For clarity, the Policy shall be applicable to Descente Ltd. and its subsidiaries within Japan (collectively the "Group" hereinafter).

  1. Compliance with Laws and Ordinances Relating to Protection of Personal Information

    The Group will, with respect to the handling of personal information that it obtains in the course of its business activities, comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and ordinances, as well as guidelines provided by administrative agencies.

  2. Utilization Purpose of Personal Information

    The Group will utilize personal information that it collects for the following purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the Group will not utilize personal information for any purpose other than as listed below without individually obtaining consent from the information owners.

    • (1) Personal information regarding customers
      • - Provision of products and services regarding the Group and its affiliates (including shipment of products and gifts, and mailing and distribution of advertisement)
      • - Handling, checking, and recording of inquiries, consultations, repairs, and support
      • - Invoicing, charging, clearance, and credit management
      • - Mailing of information materials and event invitations regarding the Group and its affiliates and the provision of information by e-mails regarding products, services, stores, events, and promotions
      • - Communication regarding events and promotions regarding the Group and its affiliates and communication regarding drawings held by the Group or its affiliates and the provision, confirmation, and recording of reward points
      • - Development, improvement, enhancement, and market research of products and services
      • - Personal identification of information owners
      • - Security management of facilities
      • - Performance of surveys and aggregations, analyses, and notifications of the results thereof
      • - Preparation of statistical material and use within the Group or third-party provision thereof
    • (2) Personal information received from trade counterparties
      • - Business consultation, operational communication, and confirmation
      • - Performance of transaction or agreements and other operational administration
    • (3) Personal information of shareholders
      • - Exercise of rights and performance of obligations pursuant to the Companies Act and other laws and ordinances
      • - Performance of shareholder administrative duties pursuant to laws and ordinances such as preparation of records
    • (4) Personal information of employment applicants of the Group
      • - Performance of employment selection, notification of the results thereof, and communication regarding interviews
      • - Consideration and decisions on job assignments
    • (5) Personal information regarding employees
      • - Operational communication to and operational management of employees
      • - Human resources and personnel management
      • - Payment of compensation (salaries, bonuses, and allowances, etc.) to employees and the provision of employee benefits
      • - Health management of employees
  3. Obtainment of Personal Information

    The Group will obtain personal information by legal and fair means. Additionally, the Group will not obtain sensitive personal information unless prior consent from the information owner is obtained or such obtainment is permitted under laws and ordinances.

  4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

    The Group will not provide personal information to any third party, except for the following cases.

    • (1) When the consent of the information owner is provided
    • (2) When required for the protection of an individual's life, or physical or financial welfare and obtaining the consent of the information owner is difficult or impossible
    • (3) When the handling of all or a part of the personal information is entrusted to third party within the extent that is necessary for the utilization purpose of personal information and the extent permitted by laws and ordinances (For the avoidance of doubt, when the Group entrusts personal information, the Group will select a third party that can be confirmed to be appropriately handling personal information as the entrustee, impose the necessary obligations for the protection of personal information on such entrustee by contracts, and provide appropriate supervision thereto. Particularly when such entrustee is an overseas third party, entrustment shall be performed upon fulfillment of legal requirements.)
    • (4) When personal information is co-utilized pursuant to the following clause
    • (5) When personal information is provided because of business succession resulting from a merger or other reasons
    • (6) When such provision is permitted by laws and ordinances
  5. Co-utilization of Personal Information

    The Group may co-utilize personal information under the following conditions.

    • (1) Personal information to be Co-utilized: Names, addresses, genders, ages, E-mail Addresses, phone numbers, business affiliations, transaction contents and other information that can identify specific individuals
    • (2) Scope of Co-utilizing Parties: Group
    • (3) Utilization Purpose of Co-utilizing Parties: Utilization purpose of personal information described above
    • (4) Manager of Co-utilization: Descente Ltd.
  6. Handling of Disclosure, Correction, and Deletion of Personal Information

    Requests for disclosure, correction, or deletion of personal information will be handled as follows.

    • (1) Contact Point
      The department in charge will respond to each request.
    • (2) Personal Identification Method
      Verification will be performed using certain registered information to verify whether the requester is the information owner. Additionally, furnishing of the original or a copy of the following documents may be required.
      • - Drivers' license, passport, certified copy of resident register or other identification documents
      • - In the case of a request by power of attorney, a letter of attorney and identification documents from both the information owner and the power of attorney as verification
  7. Securement of Accuracy and Security of Personal Information

    The Group will endeavor to keep the personal information accurate and up-to-date.
    Additionally, in order to ensure the security of personal information, the Group will continue to implement reasonable security measures from both the aspects of the management organizational structure and information and telecommunication technologies. When the Group asks for personal information online, it uses security technologies, such as encryption of personal information by SSL (secure sockets layer) in its endeavor to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information by unauthorized access.

  8. Other Information Utilization

    • (1) Anonymously Processed Information
      When the Group processes personal information to create Anonymously Processed Information, it will perform such processing in accordance with the laws and appropriate procedures and implement appropriate security management thereof. In the case of the third-party provision of Anonymously Processed Information, the Group shall perform such provision in accordance with the laws and appropriate procedures.
    • (2) Cookies
      Upon browsing of the Group website by users, the Group may collect identification information, including cookies, device information, location information, action history within the website, and other access information of users (collectively referred to as "Cookies, etc.," hereinafter) and provide Cookies, etc., to third party. Moreover, third party access analysis tools (such as Google Analytics) may be used to analyze Cookies, etc., and third-party advertisement services (such as Google AdSense) may be used to provide advertisements catering to user interests. By using these methods, the Group will utilize Cookies, etc., for the development and improvement of products and services, marketing research, advertisement provision, and prevention of unauthorized access within the Group and its affiliates.

      • - What are Cookies?
        Cookies refer to the character string information stored on the users' computers upon accessing certain websites, excluding information that can identify specific individuals. Users can block the transmission and receipt of Cookies by modifying their browser settings.
      • - What is Google Analytics?
        Google Analytics is the access analysis tool provided by Google Inc. that collects website access and usage information from users (access status, traffic, routing, etc.). The Privacy and Terms of Google are as follows. If user wish to avoid the collection of the above information by Google using Cookies, an Opt-Out procedure from the following Google website is required.
        Google Privacy and Terms
        Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on
      • - What is Google AdSense?
        Google AdSense is an advertisement distribution service for website operators provided by Google Inc. The Privacy and Terms of Google are as follows. If the user wishes to disable the use of Cookies by Google with respect to Google AdSense, an Opt-Out procedure from the following Google website is required.
        Google Privacy and Terms
        Block Certain Ads from Google
  9. Continuous Improvement

    The Group will continuously improve its handling of and its management structure for personal information in accordance with changes in the social environment, legislation changes, and internal audit results, and the Policy may also be revised as necessary. Additionally, the Group will continuously provide training to its employees regarding the appropriate handling of personal information.

  10. Established April 1, 2005
    Revised January 7, 2019
    Descente Ltd.