To respond to the trust given us by our stakeholders, DESCENTE has built a structure for corporate governance and internal controls, advancing efforts both to maintain the sustainability of the company and to enhance corporate value, while ensuring a compatible relationship between the two.

Corporate Governance

"To bring the enjoyment of sports to all." In line with our corporate philosophy, and in accordance with regulations and corporate ethics, we recognize that our social responsibility as a corporate citizen is to conduct an honest, fair and transparent business. Through our efforts to enhance corporate governance, we have positioned the continual improvement of corporate value as one of the most important issues for management.
To achieve this, we have established the DESCENTE Code of Ethics and the DESCENTE Standards of Ethical Behavior, working to build a positive relationship with stockholders, suppliers, communities, employees and other stakeholders. We also actively take a variety of other steps to enhance corporate governance, in addition to the legally stipulated functions of the general shareholders' meetings, Board of Directors and Board of Auditors.


While the DESCENTE Code of Ethics sets forth our fundamental approach to our business activities, the DESCENTE Standards of Ethical Behavior have been established to provide a guideline for each of our employees in their work. To promote compliance with the Code and Standards, we have established an Ethics Promotion Committee, and work to nurture a sound corporate culture. In addition, to respond to problems that may be difficult to resolve within the organization and to handle employee requests for advice regarding possible unethical behavior by other employees, we have also put in place an in-house DESCENTE Ethics Consulting Office, and have designated an external attorney's office to act as an independent consultation desk.

Risk Management

To prevent the occurrence of situations which could have a significant impact on the Company, to minimize any damage or impact in the event such situations do occur, and to ensure the sustainability and appropriate nature of our business, DESCENTE has established a set of Risk Management Regulations and Risk Management Operating Rules. In accordance with these, a Risk Committee works to visualize overall risk, put in place preventive measures and countermeasures, and monitor and review the implementation of those measures by the director responsible, before reporting to the Board of Directors.

Information Management

DESCENTE has established, and encourages strict compliance with, Corporate Confidentiality Management Regulations and Corporate Confidentiality Management Standards. Policies for ensuring the appropriate protection of personal information and specific personal information held by DESCENTE and DESCENTE Japan are set forth in the Personal Information Protection Regulations and Personal Information Protection Rules, designed to ensure proper management and use of personal information.