Efforts related to CSR

Looking to the future, DESCENTE is systemizing its CSR activity goals for ever greater progress.

Descente has always carried out wide-ranging CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities based on its corporate principles; however, in order to further enhance what it does, it has put in place a system in keeping with these aims. We put in place risk strategies to ensure the company’s sustainability, and take responsibility for explanations to our stakeholders, most importantly our customers and shareholders. In this way, we will continue to proactively contribute to society.

DESCENTE Group CSR Report 2016

The framework of CSR activities

CSR activities are divided into three stages: Core CSR, Extended CSR, and Selective CSR, each with a corresponding approach.

Core CSR

The core element of all of Descente’s activities, involving such aspects as quality assurance and compliance.

Extended CSR

Aspects of CSR, such as environmental protection and human resource training, that are next in importance to Core CSR. Social demand for Extended CSR has risen in recent years.

Selective CSR

Specific CSR activities selected annually. Selective CSR is about activities that contribute to society, and each year certain measures are determined and carried out.

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