HEAT NAVI ヒートナビ 光を、熱に。

Warm up,Heat up +5℃

The Secret of
Warmth is Light.

The defining characteristic of the proactive heat retention material HEAT NAVI® is its ability to absorb without loss light from almost the entire spectrum of the sun's rays and turn them into heat. A special inorganic carbon material mixed into the cross section of a flat fibre with a large surface area effectively increases its absorption capability. The efficient conversion of light into heat produces warmth.

HEAT NAVI® offers excellent heat retention, even when used in linings and insulation layers. While the visible rays of the sun are largely blocked by the outer shell layer of a garment, one type - infra red rays - is able to penetrate right through to the lining and insulation layers. Using HEAT NAVI® in these layers allows the efficient conversion of those infra red rays that have permeated through into heat, so that the wearer feels warmth even without exercising.

Staying warm while enjoying sport even on cloudy days.

Sunlight reaches the earth's surface even when it is raining or cloudy. At these times, the amount of heat converted by HEAT NAVI® is less than on a fine day, but the efficiency of the light-to-heat conversion process makes outdoor sports warm and comfortable in all weather conditions.

※ Depending on the outside temperature, HEAT NAVI® is more effective if used with down or an insulation layer

Even more warmth from moisture conversion

The latest advance in HEAT NAVI® technology adds a new dimension to the creation of warmth – absorbing moisture from the body and converting it into heat.By combining this new "Heat from Moisture" and the pre-existing "Heat from Light" functions, HEAT NAVI® can now provide even more warmth than ever before, with greater efficiency.The ever-evolving Heat Navi technology delivers true comfort for a wide range of sports activities.

The HEAT NAVI® series promotes high performance

Descente offers two types of HEAT NAVI® garments – the light and flexible Regular Type, and the Hybrid Type, which improves heat retention by combining with down or other high quality insulation layers. These make warm, comfortable activity possible not only in winter sports, but also in many other fields.

Now HEAT NAVI® comes in printed form! The ‘Light to Heat’ process has just become a whole lot easier.

Now, with the ability to print the reverse side of garment fabrics with the new inorganic carbon-impregnated HEAT NAVI® Descente has just made the whole process of absorbing sunlight and converting it into heat much simpler and more efficient. This advance extends the application of HEAT NAVI® technology to many more fabrics – including downproofed – bringing the increased warmth benefit to a much wider range of garments than before.

It also works with non-woven fabrics, to increase warmth while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum. The new HEAT NAVI® makes it easier than ever to enjoy sport in comfort.


HEAT NAVI® fibres utilize recycled polyester made from cast-off polyester products. This is a 'New Age' material that is friendly to the earth's environment at the same time as its heat retention properties maximize sporting comfort.