DESCENTE - Who are we ?

A sports company that offers the broadest possible support to all sportspeople, from top athletes to those who simply enjoy exercise.

Based on its strength in sportswear development, DESCENTE brings products with sophisticated functions and design to markets everywhere. DESCENTE provides a range of brands to meet the needs of various sports, conducting unique marketing activities for each brand and striving for a leading global position.



A rich imagination is the driving force of creativity in any age – honing the senses helps to develop the power to make the right everyday business decisions.


In times of change there are always opportunities, which must be taken. There are no failures – simply missteps on the road to success.


Give responsibility to those who can be trusted with it and reward sincerity with sincerity.


In business, understanding the human psyche is fundamental. Harnessing their joint strength is paramount to success.

Corporate Philosophy

To bring the enjoyment of sports to all

Sport is based on the idea of enjoyment through movement of the body and competing; and it is through sports that DESCENTE contributes to life being lived
-by everyone- to the full.

Corporate Slogan

Design for Sports

The slogan encapsulates DESCENTE's commitment to the finest designs for current and future generations of sportsmen and women, promoting healthy lifestyles and enriching body and soul.
Flexible and creative designs, backed by cutting-edge technology, help athletes to challenge their performance limits, and allow all sports enthusiasts to share in the passion.
The silver color conveys an image of clean, sharp sophistication-symbolizing a brightly shining future.

Origin of the Corporate Name and Logo


Brand Lineup

History of Our Technology Development

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  • DESCENTE - Who are we ?

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